Sky Spotting Stop is an installation that shades the courtyard of Istanbul Modern while floating gently on the hidden waters of the Bosphorus. While the illuminated mirror plates create an invariably changing background for night events, they provide constantly swinging shadows during the day. On the ground, an altering landscape made of reused vehicle tyres which are covered by fishnets transforms the courtyard to a new stop for sitting, resting, gathering, playing, or sky spotting.
The courtyard of Istanbul Modern was built in the 50s as a wharf on the Bosphorus, where huge fright ships dock. The project site, though located by the Bosphorus, is now disconnected from the coastline by a customs zone fence. The movement of the water under the existing slab will be the generator of the movement in the courtyard throughout summer 2013. Besides, water will act as a structural element since the shading elements are not anchored to the existing slab, instead floating on the water with the support of buoys.

Existing site: A concrete slab on the sea ©İstanbul Modern

Existing section of the site and the proposal

"The floating tube"

Wave maker



Day simulation

Shadow simulation


Night simulation

"Sitting net"

Different uses

Proposal: day&night


Proposal: renderings